Conecta es una fundación que trabaja en proyectos que nos permiten crecer como seres humanos, dando nuestros dones y talentos a los que más necesitan, creando oportunidades con las realidades que cada comunidad tiene, generando identidad y tratando de que todos seamos mejores seres humanos.

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Responsable travels that impact our minds ?

Our volunteering programs offer the perfect combination of responsable travels and authentic adventures out of common expectations.

Our programs have been designed according to the sustainable development goals of the ONU to impact the most critical problems that our world faces today.

It is the opportunity to be part of something very special. Join one of our unique volunteering programs in Ecuador and work with us and our communities to transform lives, yours included.

You will experience the heart of the places you will visit from a unique perspective, getting to know the local people, with the genuine cultural exchange that you can expect from a coexistence with them.

It doesn´t matter if the travel is a gap year, after university or few weeks away from your day job, stay away from the organized vacations; go for a unique adventure with your family or use your professional skills to make a difference, have a look on the different options we give you in our volunteering programs to find the perfect one for you.

Choose to leave your paw print in the world with us.

We offer 3 types of volunteering :

  1. Independent volunteering,
  2. School volunteering,
  3. Corporate volunteering.
Voluntariado Independiente

Our ¨independent volunteering¨ and school trips, go from one-week duration to one year. They also have more flexible itineraries, which makes it easier to adjust it to your convenience.


Usually, our programs from one week to one year have smaller groups, involve work in different projects and community participations. Our volunteers choose their travel dates, the duration of it and if they want some adventure or challenges.


Because of the flexibility offered by this trips, our volunteers take care of their own flights, we just organize transfers and provide support when they reach the country.


The only request regarding age is to be older than 18 years old and all our volunteers are personally catered by our Conecta organization.

Voluntariado Escolar

Our school programs are specially designed for schools with students from 12 to 18 years old.


Normally, we provide a complete service from the moment they register until the moment they get back home. We organize their flights, transfers, complete accommodation and itinerary during 4 weeks’ trips. We also include a travel insurance, designed to cover all the aspects of the trip.


Our school programs are designed for groups of any size and are backed by our qualified and experienced professionals people. Besides, all the groups will have to count on teachers who will travel with their group.


It also includes some turistical adventure like snorkling in the Galapagos, rafting, trekking, etc. Totally organized and managed by our teams.

Voluntariado Corporativo

Corporative volunteering is a set of several activities promoted and backed by a company which wants to get involved and participate in a free way with their employees donating time, capacities and talent to projects with the goal of improving the quality of live in communities in severe need.


Designed for companies, the projects take into account profiles, using an adequate methodology. Indeed, each project requires an analysis, design, implementation, evaluation and control of it.


We support you in all the steps of the process, preparing employees and measuring results. We provide a complete service from the moment you register and receive the final report. We organize flights, transfers, accommodation and complete itineraries during the time of the project.


Benefits of the companies:

  • To contribute to a change in a society involving your employees in causes that require a sense of solidarity.
  • Improving the pride of belonging and level of involvement of the employees in the company.
  • Improve internal comunication.
  • Promote new skills among the employees who demonstrate leading qualities and teamwork.
  • Foment a bigger picture of the goals of the company for the employees.
  • Possibilities of promoting in medias the projects and improve corporative image.
  • Be part of the Sustainable development goals of the ONU to impact the most difficult problems our world faces today.
There es always time for one more adventure, contact us!