Conecta es una fundación que trabaja en proyectos que nos permiten crecer como seres humanos, dando nuestros dones y talentos a los que más necesitan, creando oportunidades con las realidades que cada comunidad tiene, generando identidad y tratando de que todos seamos mejores seres humanos.


Solidarity trip Ecuador, end of the year 2022
Ecuador is a mega diverse country, friendly people and spectacular natural wonders. Located in the center of Latin America, between Colombia and Peru, crossed by the equator line, from which its name comes, and divided into four totally different regions: Coast (facing the Pacific Ocean), Sierra (mountainous-volcanic area of the Cordillera de Andes), Amazonia (Amazonian virgin forest), and Galapagos (volcanic island zone located approx. 1000 km from Continental Ecuador).

Small country in area, but large in tourist attractions that can be easily visited. If you wish, you can have breakfast listening to the lullaby of the Pacific waves, then at noon have lunch among the snows of any volcano in the mountains and finally at sunset, have dinner in the immense Amazon jungle listening to the mysterious noise of birds and wild animals. . All this you can do in a single day and traveling by car.

It is a mega biodiverse country where 18% of all birds on earth live, 8% of animal species and 10% of plant species.

It is a fascinating multicultural country where there are more than 10 Indigenous nationalities, each with its distinctive language and customs.
The solidarity trip is a new way of knowing the world, a way of sharing, experiencing and living a new destination from our hearts and the eyes of its inhabitants.

The main objective of a solidarity trip is to publicize and participate consciously and economically with different projects of the Conecta – Volunteers Foundation in Ecuador.

Through our programs we also carry out a tourist part in all of them, since we consider it equally important to know the culture and enjoy the social, cultural and natural diversity of Ecuador. We travel, we live, we enjoy, and we never forget our goal. On our solidarity trips, we stay in the projects with which we collaborate or with local families, and our guides and collaborators are always related to the NGO, so that our footprint as travelers generates a sustainable local circular economy that we want to promote.

It is a significant opportunity for people who want to explore beautiful Ecuador, its culture, nature, and friendly people (for one week) and at the same time volunteer in arts workshops for children and youth in Jama (one week).

During the first week you will get to know the historic center of Quito, you will walk on the famous equator line, you will visit the largest indigenous market in South America in Otavalo, you will admire the beautiful active volcano Cotopaxi and you will explore the fauna and flora of the Amazon where you will spend the end of the year.

The second week you will be as a volunteer on the Ecuadorian coast. Helping girls, boys and young people in different art workshops, developing their creative talent for drawing pictures, playful games, dance, pantomime and theater; leaving a message of hope for your daily life.

In your free time you will enjoy gastronomy and beautiful beaches of Jama.

Tourism + Volunteer Itinerary

26.12-01.01 Tourism

26.12 Día 1: Quito

Pick up at the Quito airport and transfer to the accommodation, welcome and orientation at the foundation.

Visit to the historic center of Quito declared by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity (Plaza and Church of San Francisco, Church of La Compañía, Plaza de la Independencia (Plaza Grande), Presidential Palace, Archbishop’s Palace, Basilica Voto Nacional, panorama of the city from the ‘Panecillo’ hill

27.12 Día 2: Otavalo

Early in the morning departure to Otavalo, to explore the largest indigenous market in South America, located 2 hours from Quito. On the way you will observe the beautiful landscapes and lakes. You will cross the equatorial line.

Visit to the waterfall and town of Peguche, walk along the shores of the Cuicocha lagoon, return to Quito.

28.12 Día 3: Cotopaxi

Full day excursion to the Cotopaxi volcano. Visit to the Cotopaxi National Park, hike for 2 to 3 hours on the slopes of the Cotopaxi volcano, visit to the José Ribas refuge at an altitude of 4,800 m above sea level, trekking to the eternal glacier at an altitude of 5,000 m above sea level. sea ​​level. Return to Quito.

In the evening, travel by bus to Lago Agrio.

29.12 – 1.01 Amazonia

Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve

Ecotourism in the second largest protected area of ​​the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest (CUYABENO WILDLIFE RESERVE) with 604,000 hectares of primary forest declared protected in 1979.

The Reserve is located within the province of Sucumbíos on the Ecuadorian border with Colombia. It is located in the basin of the three Aguarico, San Miguel and Cuyabeno rivers that make up its landscape. A characteristic feature of the region are huge wetlands, swamps and flooded forests. Due to the frequent rains and high temperatures, the humidity level reaches between 90 and 100%. The indigenous nationalities live in this territory: Sionas, Secoyas, Cofanes, Quichuas and Shuares.

The Cuyabeno Reserve is particularly known for its fauna and flora, often endemic.

Among the plants the most common are cecropia, ceiba, with Mauritia palms, numerous orchids. Creatures such as tapirs, ocelots, bats, jaguars, pumas, capybaras, anacondas, anteaters, peccaries, poison dart frogs, agoutis, iguanas, and fifteen different species of monkeys are found roaming the vast lands of the reserve. In the waters there are turtles, pink freshwater dolphins, giant otters, manatees, five species of alligators and nearly five hundred different species of fish, including the famous piranhas.

And don’t forget the more than five hundred different species of birds that make the reserve one of the best places on the planet for bird watching. The most common are the colorful eyed woodpeckers, hummingbirds, tanagers, macaws, and toucans. You can also find there some very rare species of birds such as: Cephalopterus, Opisthocomus hoazin, Pionus menstruus, Galbalcyrhynchusleucotis, Ara macao, Harpia harpyja.

29.12 Día 4: Amazonia

Transfer from Lago Agrio to El Puente (2 hours). Registration of passports and boarding, 2 hours of canoe trip on the Cuyabeno river to the ecolodge.

In the afternoon, canoe ride through the lagoon to observe birds and other animals such as pink river dolphins, monkeys, etc. Dinner and night walk to possibly observe nocturnal birds such as owls and other animals such as frogs, spiders and more insects.

30.12 Día 5: Amazonia

In the morning 3 hours of walking in the primary forest to see its incredible diversity, especially of birds. Search for flora and fauna and their medicinal uses.

In the afternoon, artisan production of chocolate from dried cocoa beans.

Sunset in LAGUNA GRANDE with the possibility of bathing in it. Search for alligators, boas, night monkeys, etc. Return to the lodge.

31.12 Día 6: Amazonia

Canoe trip down the river to the Siona indigenous community, to interact and learn about their traditions and customs. Demonstration and participation in the elaboration of cassava, typical dish of the region, elaboration based on cassava.

VISIT AND CEREMONY WITH THE SHAMAN: Learn secrets and ancestral knowledge of shamanism.

NIGHT: New Year’s Eve dinner

1.01 Día 7: Amazonia – Tranfer to the Coast

Bird watching early in the morning on the river. Breakfast. Travel along the Cuyabeno River to EL PUENTE. Return to Lago Agrio, trip to the coast.

2-7.01 Día 8 – 13: Art workshops for children and youth in Jama, Manabí

For a week there will be painting, theater and dance workshops. On the last day there will be a presentation of the work done in the workshop to the local community.

7.01 Día 13: Return to Quito at night

8.01 Día 14: Transfer to the Airport


Program duration: 14 days

Dates: December 26 – January 8.

Small groups: min/max: 4/11 travelers

Registration period: open until completing groups.

Price: $1355



  • Pick up at the capital’s airport, transfer to accommodation.
  • Maintenance of three daily meals during the entire stay.
  • Contribution to the children’s workshop project.
  • Accommodation in a shared room for two people, during the whole week of tourism (possibility of requesting a private room), shared room with other volunteers during volunteering.
  • Excursions indicated in the program.
  • Social, tourist and environmental programs detailed above.
  • Conecta guide during all volunteer activities and excursions, local Spanish/English speaking guide accompanying the group in the Amazon.
  • Management of documentation, advice and training prior to departure.
  • Supervision and coordination in the project during the entire stay by qualified and experienced local personnel throughout the stay.

Plane tickets not included

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