Conecta es una fundación que trabaja en proyectos que nos permiten crecer como seres humanos, dando nuestros dones y talentos a los que más necesitan, creando oportunidades con las realidades que cada comunidad tiene, generando identidad y tratando de que todos seamos mejores seres humanos.

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About us

Non-profit organization that aims to strengthen intercultural relations, supporting and promoting voluntary work aiming to build up a new generation with social consciousness and values.
Conecta is a foundation which works in projects that allow us to grow as human beings, promoting situations where we will give in a volunteer way our gifts, skills and talents to people that are in need, creating opportunities for communities to restore or improve their life conditions, generating identity and trying to be better people.
Conecta is involved with projects in all the regions of the country, we work in rural places, and autochthons communities, in different matters, like education, environment, fair trade, health, animal rescue, family business, work with young people and children, community tourism, and developing projects.
Registered by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage with Ministerial Agreement No. DM-2019-006 of January 10, 2019.